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Friday Stodel’s Fun


Put your bets on the table

Grace has put her bet on the table: Friday, three weeks from now her little brother is coming. That is her prediction which just came out of the blue. It pegs her to 14 September.

My bet is 27 September (seen as we're putting down bets), and interestingly Donné came up with the same date (independently).

So put your bets down!

The best


Tutu fun today

At breakfast this morning Grace is saying, "You're a mommy," over and over, so Donné asks her, "How do you know I'm a mommy?" Grace replies, "'Cos you're the best mommy."

You go rest mommy

This afternoon Grace asked Donné, "How are you feeling mommy?" to which she replied, "Hmmm, I'm not feeling so well," (she's been feeling a bit nauseus and uncomfortable). So Grace says, "It's okay mommy. You stay in bed, I watch two episodes of Mickey Mouse Club." 

That’s my school

When Grace climbed into the car after school today she settled down into her seat, pointed out the window and said, "That's my school! It's a great school."

Sand art

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Grace has always loved sand art and has recently had a fresh surge of interest in it. What is new this time is her focus and ability to do it on her own.


Grace has never really been into playing with a ball too much. She has always tended to loose interest fairly quickly, but recently it seems like her ball skills are coming in. Now she is loving throwing balloons, hitting a ball with a bat, and (this morning) throwing, kicking, pushing and rolling a beach ball. It is fun to see her exploring these more and having fun playing with them. It’s fun for me too – even if I’m not particularly good at it all.

I designed and built Grace some cupboards so that we can order some of the stuff in her room and give everything a “home” so that it can go back into a particular place once Grace is done with it.


We wanted to implement the same system that the school uses – everything has its place, and only one toy/activity/game out at a time (i.e. the last thing you were doing gets packed away before the new thing comes out). It has been fascinating to see how with the new order and with the model from school she has been amazingly good about packing things away once she is done. Yes, we still do lots of packing away, but she is much better and really helpful with it.