Monthly Archives: April 2012

School visit

We went on our first school visit today, to Montessori @ Home. It was just to see the facilities and to chat with the teachers so all the children had already left when we were there. Grace took a short while and then settled down to exploring some of the toys and equipment that they had, and in the end we spent quite a bit of time playing on the jungle gym outside while Donné chatted to the principle.

They have lovely equipment, a good approach and seem to be really warm. We will most likely send Grace there for her preschool years and I think she is really going to enjoy it lots.

Unfortunately the poor little girl has come down with a fever and snotty nose, so she is feeling a bit muck. She spent most of the afternoon lying on the couch watching Dora, looking pretty sad and sick. Hopefully she'll be feeling a bit better tomorrow.


Chilling out at camp


Most memorable moment: "Pain in the rain" – a song by JB and DD (we had a bit of rain last night, but all managed to stay dry).

On the way to look for more piggies


The farm we camped on is a free range pig farm, so the pigs cruise around rooting about in the ground with their noses. Very sweet piggies.

Our tent, which held up well in the rain and wind – thanks Em & Jay!


We had a good time meeting new people and Grace seemed to enjoy the camping. Fortunately for us she slept well every night.


The campers


Long walks in the ergo, walks to the dam with a little splash, lots of food, swinging, playing with the pigs, eating ice cream cones with melted chocolate and marshmallows – that’s what camps are made of.


Today is our first camping day as a family, and other than a bit of stress through the getting going part we’re doing well. After finally eating something Grace was a star and went straight to sleep, absolutely knackered from the day. Tomorrow we’ll actually take some photos…

Coming home

It is nice to come home to my family. When I have been out for a day and I come home, Grace is usually hanging on the gate excitedly calling, “Daddy, daddy!” before I have even gotten out of the car. I love coming home to my little girl and my wife – I am blessed to have them.

My first hair cut and surprising skills


Donné trimmed Grace's hair today to get rid of the ratty ends – her first hair cut. Nothing too exciting to report, but a milestone for us.

Donné also got Grace a shape and pin set and she amazed us with it today. We've always thought her fine motor skills were pretty good, but we were both surprised at how well she was able to work with it. When Donné opened it and saw the size of the holes, she thought it was going to have to be packed away until Grace was a bit older….but Grace showed us how it is done.

After Grace put in one of the face's Donné put down a straight piece for the body. Grace went on, totally on her own to build this,


Kitchen helper

Grace is loving helping in the kitchen, grating cheese, peeling potatoes and carrots.