Go Jeffrey’s Bay!

Grace had a happy day today. It all started with a morning with Gogo – some happy time pottering together and watching some TV. From there it was fun with aunty Keren, fun with granny and grandpa, which was then followed by a most exciting thing.

First let’s back up a bit. Today, for some reason, every time we have said, “Let’s go,” Grace has gotten super excited and started hopping around and squeeling with delight. There has been joy in going (and just about any activity).

So when we decided to go to Jeffrey’s Bay she was more than a little bit excited. Jeffrey’s Bay is a happy place for Grace, her “Other home,” as she describes it. She was just suber-uber excited to be coming. For the rest of the day we had regular, “Go Jeffrey’s Bay!” which continued on the way here, culminating in a new song about how much fun Jeffrey’s Bay is which had Grace clapping and bouncing in her seat.

When we arrived she immediately went to work settling herself in. Get the windmill from the room and put it in its place in the flower bed. Get some bubbles and blow bubbles. Run up and down the passage. Call dad saying, “Come dad! Run there, jump off there, round there, through the trees, round there!” referring to the path we had mapped out around the garden the last time we were here. The huge smile on her face might have given away that she, “Ub it here, ub it here,” (loves it here). We all love it here.

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