Monthly Archives: March 2012

A visit to Melkbos

Off we went this morning to spend a lovely day with Em & Jay in Melkbos. After a yummy breakfast we all went to the beach and Jason & I went into the water with a surfboard and a stand up paddle board (fun!), while the Grace and the ladies played on the beach. 

I enjoyed Grace’s recollection of the day when I asked her. After no response to, “What was your favourite part of the day?” I started prompting.

D: “We went to Emily and Jason and had croissants for breakfast.”
G: “And bacon.”
D: “Then we went to the beach. What did you do on the beach?”
G: “Played in puddles. So-o sandy.”

Because that is not at all what we would expect from the beach….

I do think that her favourite part of the day was climbing onto their couch, standing on the arm and launching herself off onto their FatSak. After I told her to say “Bonsai!” when jumping off it went, “One, two, three….Bon” jump “sai”. Super loads of fun.

Easter build up

Grace is so excited about Easter she is even eating imaginary eggs.

Creeping up

When I put Grace's shorts on this morning she immediately put her hand at her bum and started to pull them down. "What's going on? Grace, you need to keep your pants on," to which she replied, "Panties up my crack, panties up my crack!"

When the happy swimming bug bites

With no swimming lesson today Grace and I headed to the gym for a swim. We were a bit later than usual which meant there were people in the pool. Grace said, "No swimming," just being a bit of a pain that she did not have the entire pool for herself. So I told her that we would swim for 10 minutes and if she wanted to get out then, we could go.

Once we hit the water it was full steam ahead with no looking back. The happy swimming bug bit and Grace was jumping in over and over, doing chooka trains along the side (while loudly going, "Chooka train! Chooka train!"), pushing backwards off the side, singing Humpty Dumpty and toppling in, and just having massive loads of fun. At one point another girl (maybe 5 or so) got into the water and her jumping in just intensified Grace's energy, with Grace copying her and following her lead.

There is no more, "No go underwater." These days it is "Go underwater!" She has started jumping with her legs in the air, in more of a sitting position than a diving position (and getting some decent distance too). In one of her jumps she went rocketing down to the bottom of the pool. I pulled up a girl with a massive smile on her face saying, "Go underwater! More go underwater!"

I said to her that we needed to go soon. "No go home, stay in water eba," "You want to stay in the water forever?" "Stay in water eba."

Bubble water fun


Not nice one, nice one

Grace can be very picky about music. In the car she is currently loving (and requesting…no demanding) Lollipop by Mika. And recently we received the new season of Glee, and watching the music videos goes like this,

"Not nice one."
"Boring one."
"Nice one," (with the appropriate head nodding and affirmation).

And her favourite selection? The one with the policeman on the horse.

Swimming rituals

Grace and I go regularly go swimming at the gym, and, like everything, it has its rituals. Most of them happen after the swim. First its the shower to get warm after a swim, which includes "pick up, pick up" so that I can hold her under the spray. Quickly into her towel, then "something eat, drink some juice," but before that some clothes, followed by some hair drying underneath the hand dryer in the changing rooms. Then sit on a chair, demolish a juice, devour a snack, ready to go. Out the pool room, throw the juice box away, and go and stare into the kiddies play area. Off we go, out the door, crunch, crunch, crunch across the pathway stones and back to the car. Music! And we're on our way home.