Monthly Archives: September 2011

Washing Day returns


Today Grace got to give Bear and Bunny a long awaited bath, much to her delight. After sand showers and cold baths for Bear and Bunny; a flower, sand and leaf stew were made. As you can imagine Bear and Bunny needed a good bath after all this and went for a proper wash in the washing machine.

Grace enjoyed Bear and Bunny spotting, rather a fun game as they went round and round in the washing machine.

After an outing to the ducks, we are now the owners of some tadpoles, much to the delight of Grace and Duncan ūüôā


It has been such a pleasure watching Grace's speech develop. She is saying new words just about everyday, and copying us really nicely. She is saying lots of two syllable words (mostly ending in "ee") and putting words together occasionally. Grace and Donn√© made bunny cupcakes today…

And Grace invented her own "hide-them-under-the-spicey" game with the matching cards



The night time rituals just keep growing. Every night, after we have said our prayers and Grace is just about to be put into her bed….."Sing!" I normally sing Silent Night for her, but for the past couple of days all she wants is Little Bunny Foo Foo (which we don't sing because it causes her to start bouncing).

The other new ritual is to go and have a look at what is being made for supper while saying goodnight to Donné and then to request some for herself Рespecially if there is rice to be eaten.

Rituals and pillow crashing

Today Grace and I had a fun filled day with friends which included swinging, painting, bunny, bear, and of course a bath in the middle of the day (even though nobody was particularly dirty).  The bath seems to be part of a "this is what we do when we go to the Parker's ritual."  If Grace and Caleb had their way bear bathing would definitely be part of the "going to the Parker ritual" but for the sake of healthy kids no bear washing was allowed today. 

This afternoon Duncan and Grace made a wall of pillows and then rode through them on a couch cushion! It was so much fun Grace kept on saying "more" and to emphasize the more, she would verbalise it and than frantically sign "more" at the same time. 

First you build a wall

Then you crash it and rebuild!


And when your father says one more time, quickly reinvent the game to ensure more playing time…this game I call the "princess and the pea"


Ring-a-roses – Grace style

Grace had me laughing while we were reading bed time stories tonight. We were reading nursery rhymes and one of them was Ring-a-roses. Grace got up, wiggled her bum around and then dived face first into the bed…and just wanted to keep doing it. Not really a calming pre-bedtime activity….oh well.


Grace said "Sorry" for the first time today. Motie cat came home early and Grace was very excited to see her (she hardly does). Grace was stroking her while she was eating and decided that a hug might be in order – which is a bit rough for a cat who is busy eating. Motie ran off and we told Grace to go and say sorry to Motie. She went to the back gate where Motie was sitting, reached through, stroked her a bit and said, "Saaah-ee."

A little bit of moisture in the air and the hair gets curly.


I got to bake with Grace today…probably more hands in the mixture than there usually are…


We made a torte (our first one ever), and it is yum!


Catching up on some Dora


A trip to the beach

We woke up to a beautiful day and decided that it was beach weather, so off we went. As soon as we got over the mountain and Grace saw the sea we just heard, "Sea, sea" all the way down – except when she could not see it, then "Sea" was replaced with "No." ¬†Grace loved playing in the sand and the¬†water (which was surprisingly warm for Camps Bay) and enjoyed seeing all the dogs (and stroking as many as she could). I am quite sure we will be making good use of Cape Town's beach facilities this year…