Rice play take two

After a much improved swimming lesson – Grace actually swam with Charlene twice today – we came home and I asked Grace what she wanted to do.  I provided about 5 different options all of which got a big "no" until I asked her, "do you want to play with your kitchen stuff?" This got a definite yes. What I didn't realise at the time, was what she was agreeing to was a re-enactment of yesterdays rice play. So instead of rice Grace had various beans, chickpeas, teabags, bay leaves and some spices (not the best combination cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg – definitely a strong smell). Once again lots of fun!  


Grace loves to practice new skills she is mastering, at the moment I feel she is happiest if she can take off her pants and underwear and run around naked.  She proudly says "nake" once she has her clothes off and usually does what Duncan refers to as a "naked run" around the house.  This afternoon we were playing in the garden and when I was wasn't looking she took off her pants and panties and was standing in the flower bed saying "wee, wee."  I guess it's not only boys that enjoy peeing in the garden 🙂

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