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Things heard in the Drennan household today

Duncan to Grace: "take your head out of the toilet"

"sssss" "ssss" Grace hissing at her poo – well actually telling us it looks like a snake

When Duncan asked Grace what she was sitting on in the bath she answered "kittee" I love to see how her imagination is growing and to catch a glimpse of what she is thinking.

Swimming progress

Today Grace had a great swimming lesson.

It started off with the usual mild I’d-rather-be-back-on-the-swing moaning when we entered the pool area, followed by the common quite-and-watching-everyone look. After about 10 minutes she dropped the toy fish she had in her hand which sunk to the bottom of the pool and she just thought that was hilarious and started giggling. And then she engaged totally, and kicked, laughed, jumped in, went under and even…yes, even…let the instructor take her for a little swim (which until today was a total no-no cry and cling to daddy event).

We are enjoying the classes and Grace is learning about how to look after herself if she falls into a pool. It is wonderful to have her smiling and enjoying it….and Grace always has to end with a visit to stroke the “gogs” (dogs).

If you do happen to be looking for a baby/toddler (and I think even older kids) swim school in Cape Town’s northern suburbs you can try Aquatoads (contact Charlene on 082 550 8045).

Tutu rider (Ghost Rider can quake in his boots)


Even Grace’s clothes have tutus


Back to work – yes!

I am in a very fortunate position – I love what I do. I love that I get to be creative everyday. I love that I get to build my business and meeting interesting people while doing it. I love that I get to help people create things which change the world in some way. Yes, it is hard work and can take huge amounts of effort. Yes, there are days that it would be easier if I did not have to put in the effort required. It is worth the effort though, and I am excited about the opportunities that are available to me.

It has not been an easy road, and for a long patch it was taking more out of me than I had to give. I have had to graft, grind and work through many of my own internal walls (still many to come!). But right now I am embracing the passion that I have and trying to make the most of as many opportunities as possible. I consider myself blessed that I can wake up excited at the start of the week.

Grace modelling her swim cap


Perfect way to end our long weekend

After a rough day yesterday, the Cape Town Drennans all woke feeling happy and refreshed this morning.  We started the day with a yummy breakfast, and a wonderfully cool walk on the beach.  Grace enjoyed her walk this morning with her favourite things being patting as many “gogs” (Grace’s current way of saying dog, yesterday it was “doog”) as possible, pointing at the giant rock out at sea and playing in the rock pools.  The rest of today in Yzerfontein was spent relaxing, building puzzles and having fun.  Thank you Mel for a wonderful weekend.

When we got home this afternoon I really had a blonde moment, Grace needed to use the potty which was lying in pieces so I picked up the various pieces and rushed her to the bathroom.  After a few minutes she called me to tell me she was finished.  I was wondering why she was looking into the potty with a strange kind of look, until I looked in and saw that I had forgotten to put the bottom part of the potty on and so instead of pooing into the potty she sat beautifully on the potty and pooped on the floor  đŸ˜‰

Beach Fun


Biker girl in a tutu


Cupcakes & crazy

As much as I would like to think I respond reasonably and rationally to situations, I certainly know that is not always the case. I can’t remember when Grace last woke up during the night…but she did last night and was awake for at least an hour. So both Donné and I were on edge to start with today and Grace was a bit grumpy too. It seems like her last 4 teeth are starting to grow and are giving her some discomfort, although it could still be months before we actually see any teeth action. Then Grace gave us a really hard time at her nap time, not wanting to go to sleep, crying, calling for mama and/or dada, and so forth. After a couple of rounds of trying to get her to go to sleep I just totally lost it. Totally and unreasonably, acting and shouting like a lunatic. It was extremely poor and embarrassing behaviour which I am pretty ashamed about.

After calming down a bit and Grace still being awake, tired and moaning I decided that the only way to keep my fragile composure would be to take her for a long walk in the Ergo and hope she falls asleep. After a while, some more moaning and me working hard to remain calm she eventually fell asleep and had about an hour nap on me while we walked. After that sleep we all seemed a bit better – Donné had slept, Grace had slept and I got some down time to process my craziness.

The last few minutes of sleep after arriving back at the house




Eating cupcakes


Grace has upgraded to 1000 piece puzzles


Beach fun

The Marmelade Cat
Building sandcastles on the beach


Ballet poses in a baby tutu


“Is your bum in your pants?” game. A very funny game Grace and Aunty Mel play
Enjoying the last bit of ice cream / chocolate on a VERY hot day


“Ring-a-Ring a rosies” 


Playing in my tiny pool


Questions we have

Why is it that no matter how long our journey is, Grace normally falls asleep just before we arrive? After not sleeping this morning at her usual nap time she fell asleep in the last 5 minutes of our hour and a bit trip to Yzerfontein. Who knows the answers to some of the questions we ask as parents…sometimes (most times?) we just have to accept things the way they are.

I would love to know if Grace remembers the last time we were in Yzerfontein (our awesome friend Mel has a family holiday home here which she kindly invited us to). It was at this time last year. When she did not sleep this morning I jokingly said she could not sleep because she was excited for the holiday….but when we got here she did something interesting. When we arrived she had just fallen asleep, so she was not aware of her surroundings. Once she was awake and functioning again, she stood out on the patio and pointed in the direction of the beach and wanted to go – without even knowing where exactly the beach was (unless she could smell it). It just makes me wonder if she remembers, and what she remembers. I guess one day when she is speaking more we will know. Until then, we will just have to wonder….I look forward to her speaking more.

Sleeping upon arrival
Enjoying the beach