You & Mom

Grace has generally been a child that can entertain herself, but in the last week or so she has wanted Duncan and I to play a lot more with her.  She loves her morning time with Duncan and the last few days they have been making houses for Daisy (WOW toy) and Little Girl (Duplo girl) with her Duplo blocks.  Today's house was rather impressive, pity I didn't take a photo before it was demolished.

Before her nap Grace and I completed her 80 piece pilot puzzle, which she can build on her own, but since she is enjoying doing things together we built it together.  When we were done I said to her "well done, you built the puzzle so well" to which she pointed to herself and said "you" and then pointed to me "mom" – very sweet!  Grace currently refers to herself as "you" as much as I tell her its "me" I totally understand the confusion, the English language certainly can be tricky at times!   

Last night while I was making dinner, Grace came into the kitchen opened the draw, took our two very dirty placemats and returned to the lounge.  When I looked up I saw Grace lying on the floor in front of the TV, cushion under her head, and placemats as her blanket


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