Wheels & running around

Donné has been wanting to go on Cape Town's Wheel of Excellence for a while now, and seen as this was its last weekend of operation it was literally now or never. It is certainly not the London Eye, but it was a great experience on a beautiful day – we got to see a new perspective on the amazing city we live in. Grace, as expected, loved it and when it was all done wanted….wait for it….can you guess?…..MORE.

I think the thing that I might remember the most from today happened at our local Vida in the late afternoon. There is a raised bed with a tree on the one side and a fountain on the other just outside of the Vida we frequent. On weekends there are always children up on it and running around. A while back one child fell off and wacked his head – I can still remember the sound…although he seemed to recover fairly quickly. Today, for the first time, Grace climbed up there and "ran" round and around on the raised part. My nerves are shot, coffee will never be the same again.

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