The soccer game


Friday’s are sports days for the Grade R’s. Matt takes them for an introduction to various sport, and they learn the rules of the game and have some fun playing it.

Last week Friday Donné had a good time watching them play soccer. The game was girls against boys, with the girls playing with a plan to move the ball forward and the boys just kicking it as hard as they could every time. Fortunately for the girls Kate was an excellent goalie and kept saving the shots for goals. On the other side the boys goalie started to cry when the girls scored a goal and was then rotated out onto the field. He then went on to try to score a goal and ended up poking Kate in the eye, which left her crying. It was an ongoing comedy (or would that be tragedy?), and the girls won the game 2-1 with much jubilation.

Grace is enjoying the sport and they all seem to have a lot of fun.

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