The pandas and the ballet show

Finally! After a year of practising we got to enjoy the ballet show today. It was wonderful to watch Grace and we all really enjoyed the show which was brilliantly put together. The costumes were amazing (I especially liked the jelly fish) and everyone worked really hard to create a show that was really enjoyable to watch.

Grace’s dances were great and of all the dances I enjoyed their Chinese panda dance the most.

Our beautiful little panda


Liesl looking after the pandas backstage (thanks for the photo Monique)


The Rio birds backstage during the first dress rehearsal. Grace’s class dances in Rio in two of the performances.



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    Julie September 27, 2015

    What a lovely write up. I must say that the Panda bears are my favourite- the music is special and beautiful with such a lovely gentle melody.I am so proud of the show. And I have witnessed how the show is shaping and changing the dancers. This show adds to their life experience- they may not know it now, but its building courage and character. Helping them to grow.

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      Duncan Drennan September 27, 2015

      Julie, I wholeheartedly agree! I think the show has been wonderful for Grace, and I’ve been amazed at how she has embraced it and taken it in her stride. It is such a wonderful opportunity to grow through the discipline of practising, the dedication of attending all the rehearsals and concerts, and the experience of being on stage, thrilling an audience and being a part of a team.

      Thank you to you and Erika for all of your hard work, all the effort you have put into your dancers, the costumes, the sets, the organisation and the thousands of messages and calls you must have handled to organise everything.

      Grace really loves going to your classes, and has thoroughly enjoyed everything about the concert.

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