The miracle of life

I love being pregnant, I find it such a miracle to have this little person growing inside of me.  Being pregnant second time round is very different from the first time.  The first time I was very anxious up until about 20 weeks so I was very aware of every little thing, whereas this time, although I have had my moments, I am much more relaxed.  It also helps to have a nearly 3 year old running around keeping me both physically and emotionally busy.  

We decided after our 16 week scan that our little boy is rather active, kicking and punching me numerous times during the 15 minute scan, so at the moment we have named him wriggles.  Although I wasn't able to feel him moving (on the outside) then, both Duncan and I got to feel his little kicks and punches last week Tuesday (18 weeks).  I looked back to see when we felt Grace kick for the first time and it was 18 and a half weeks.   

I love being able to feel him kick, it reminds me in my busy day of the miracle of life.   

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