The big market day

Grace, Tayla, Anna & Gemma have been working on all of their wares and games for a bit longer than a month, and today it all came together at their Entrepreneurs Day market.


On sale today they had:

  • Jelly delights
  • Lucky packets
  • Jelly boats
  • Toffee apples
  • Cork boats
  • Build-it-yourself cork boat kits

and they also had two games,

  • Boat races (with your purchased cork boat)
  • Skittles

with popcorn, boat kits and a giant jelly jar as prizes.

Cork boats & build-it-yourself kits


Boat racing pool & skittles


Toffee apples were to be seen all over the market today


Some of the awesome teachers: Deon, Andrea & Chloe


Indiana and Adam – she really loves babies


Counting the loot: their profit was close to R200 each


I have been super impressed with how they have taken this on as their own, run with it, worked hard, developed and changed, and turned it into a successful event independently and with minimal adult input. I am really proud of these girls.

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