The bat song

Eli has been learning new songs and even learning some of them in Afrikaans….

Here are the words (Afrikaans and English versions):

Vlermuis slaap nou,
vlermuis slaap nou,
hou nie van die dag nie,
hou nie van die dag nie,
hy jag snags.
Bats are sleeping,
bats are sleeping,
upside down,
upside down.
Sleeping in the morning sun,
waiting for the night to come,
then he flies around.


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    stefanvdwalt March 23, 2017

    Compliments to Eli for his Afrikaans, and loving Adam’s guest appearance.

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    Marie-helene March 28, 2017

    Thanks for the lyrics. Now I finally know what Yann was singing last week! 👏

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