Sensory seeker

Grace has always been sensitive to stimulation, in particular auditory stimulation. Just like her mama, too much noise bugs her and can distress her at times – hence we bought her the ear defenders. There are certain things which she does love though, like vestibular stimulation. She loves being rolled on the duvet, swung around and hung upside down. Touch wise she is probably more cautionary, but not overly sensitive.

Eli on the other hand seems to seek out stimulation. He loves to be a part of the action and doesn't really seem to get phased by much at all. One of the things he is really loving at the moment is going to fetch Grace from school. All the noise and excitement of the playground, as well as the children coming to say hello to him, singing and jumping get him kicking and excited. Take him to a shopping mall and he is happy to be able to watch the hustle and bustle, and just about always ready to give anyone who looks at him a smile.

It is going to interesting to see how things work themselves out in our house, but I think in the long run they will be good for each other.

Notable news from school today: Grace stood up in group and sang twinkle-twinkle on her own.

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