Peeing in the bath

Grace was moaning and unhappy in the bath, signing “potty” the whole
time and not sitting down which is making it difficult for Donné to
wash her. So I turn to her and say, “Grace, just wee in the bath, it’s
okay to wee in the bath.” She crouches down, makes a pushing noise,
smiles and then asks for a stamp (which is one of her rewards for
doing something in the potty). 🙂


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    Anonymous March 28, 2011

    Starting baby sign with Jodi… she hasn’t the foggiest what I’m doing yet… she’s almost 7 months… but soon I’m hoping that she’ll be signing away! Just doing the basics for now, just six signs (hungry, more, all done, tired, nappy, milk).

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    Duncan Drennan March 29, 2011

    It took Grace quite a while before she actually signed her first sign. I’m trying to remember exactly when….would help if we had been blogging back then 😉 Will have to ask Donné

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