We have a new home

Our bond has been approved by at least one bank, which means we have a new home in Somerset West 🙂 We’re still waiting for feedback from the other banks, but that is now just about getting a better interest rate. The sale of our home is entirely finalised now, and it is just a matter of signing documents and going through the transfer process.

Things have worked out amazingly well, and we have been very blessed through this process. A big thank you to God for the blessing of a wonderful new home, and a quick and painless sale of our current home, as well as a big thank you to my parents for the help they’ve given us.

Grace prayed just about every night, for a number of weeks for a house that had a pool. She would draw a house, a sun and a pool as her prayer. Her prayers have been answered, because we have a pool, as well as a house which gets lots of light coming into it.

Shorty after our offer was accepted Grace made a picture of our new house


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