Neighbourly friends

One of Grace’s school friends lives literally just down the road, so we made the arduous five minute journey (by bike, foot and pram) to spend a lovely afternoon getting to know the family better. We all had a great time, and Grace just absolutely loved it, playing at full speed for pretty much the whole afternoon.

Maybe it is because they are both girls, or maybe it is just that they see each other regularly at school, but they engaged in such a lovely way together.

It is always beautiful to see Grace playing with such gusto, probably because there was such a long time that she would tend to come to us whenever other children tried to engage with her. Today she really required very little from us. It is also nice to see how she plays with another girl, as most of her friends up until recently have been boys.

Just before we left Grace and Hannah started bouncing and singing “Jinga, jinga, jinga” (and who knows where that came from).

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There was a special little moment as we were leaving. We had walked across the road and Hannan said, “Goodbye Gracie, see you tomorrow,” and Grace turned around, waved and said, “Goodbye!” with such a sense of, “Bye my friend, it was so nice to see you today and I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.”

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