Moving day!

Moving day went really well! Lotter Removals arrived at 08h00, and by 10h30 we were on our way to Somerset West. Luckily they managed to fit everything into a single load, so by 14h00 I was back and having lunch with the family. We did a final clean of the house and then bundled the cats and children into the cars and off we all went. I think it all went well because Donné has worked hard to get everything organised. The removal guys were also great.

Grace and Eli then had lots of fun exploring the new house. Up and down stairs, in and around the garden, feeding the fish and enjoying unpacking some of their toys. Grace says, “We were packing and packing, and the toys were disappearing. Now we get to unpack and each day there will be more and more toys!” I think they are both looking forward to having all of their things again. Eli in particular seemed to be disturbed over the last few days, concerned about where everything was disappearing to.

Luckily both of them settled quickly and went to sleep not too long after their normal bedtime.

Our new home



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    Lisa W August 27, 2014

    Wow guys, what a beautiful home! =) May you fill it to overflowing with loads of happy love-and-joy filled memories xxx The Welmans

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      Duncan Drennan September 6, 2014

      Thanks Lisa!

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