The last swimming lesson

Monday was Grace’s and Eli’s last swimming lesson with Lizel and Charlene (at Quicksilver Swimming Academy). That is now the end of the road with them as we move to Somerset West. It has been such a wonderful journey with both of them, and we’ve all learned lots along the way. We’ve gone from Grace not even wanting to go in the pool with Charlene, to her being a confident swimmer loving every moment that she can be in the water.

I am personally very grateful for the parenting lessons I got from Charlene’s process with Grace when she was little. Through that I learned that we make choices that we believe are good for our children (like learning to swim and going to school), and even though it may be tough to deal with that process upsetting our children it really is for their benefit. The process with Grace and Charlene changed the whole way that I approach these things, and I’m really grateful for that piece of insight and wisdom. Charlene has been great with both of our kids and has a great sense of humour.

Lizel has been amazing, gentle, patient and loving with Grace in the water. With her help Grace has grown massively in her confidence in the water, and it has been wonderful to see her taking leaps and bounds as a swimmer. Fortunately we’ll be keeping contact with her, as it turns our we’re moving in next door to her sister in law.

Charlene and Lizel are great and I highly recommend QSSA for swimming lessons in Durbanville – lovely people and great facilities. Thank you to you both, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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