Killer whales!

Grace has developed a fascination with killer whales. It came about after Kate (in her class) told her that killer whales eat people, and that spawned a whole world of questions….and the questions just keep coming. To help Grace explore her curiosity (and for us all to learn a bit more about the Orca), Donné sat down with her today and spent some time preparing a poster to present for her news tomorrow.


Grace is very excited about her poster, and has even more questions. Watching a video of the Orca show at Sea World at least seemed to answer her questions about them eating people. Currently the last thing she does before going to bed is to ask a question about killer whales (and we have to shut that down before she asks more), and the first thing she does in the morning is ask a question about killer whales.

I’m looking forward to hearing how her poster presentation goes tomorrow.

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