Keren’s Birthday Lunch

Grace and I took Keren out to lunch at Cin Cin for her birthday.  While we were waiting for our food Grace was playing teacher teacher with Keren – 2 weeks at school and already playing school :).  Grace would hold up one of her alphabet cards, show it to Keren and say "say gift" or whatever else happened to be on the card.  If Keren said the wrong word Grace would repeat it until she said it correctly. 


After lunch cappuccino's at Vida


A little story from today.  Yesterday Grace insisted on taking out her 150 piece bug puzzle which is rather tricky even for me and although we built a little of it yesterday I knew she wasn't really that in to it so I decided to build 90% of the puzzle today while she was at school.  When Grace got home she looked at the puzzle excitedly and said to me "good job mommy, good job" looking very chuffed with me.  She then sat down and finished the puzzle. 

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