Just saying “Hi!”

Ian was in his room and Eli came along to the door and says, “Uh, uh, uh,” so Ian says, “Hey buddy, what’s up?” and Eli just carries on going, “Uh, uh.” Ian says, “Did you just come to say ‘Hi’?” and Eli nods, lifts his hand in a wave and says, “Uh” and then cruises off, purpose fulfilled.

A babyccino tea party


The USA Drennan’s putting on their best morning look and pulling it off


We had a big family get together today and Grace and Aunty Pat went off into the bushes for some fun and silliness. The girls also had a good time playing with Aunty Anne.


At one point Aunty Pay asked Grace to call Uncle Gary, and she says, “I don’t know which one is Uncle Gary, all the boys look the same, except for dad and Uncle Ian.”

Cousin cuddles


Robyn, as always, spent a lot of time entertaining the girls and getting to know Kaiya


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