Just one more push


The egg race at Caleb's birthday

When Donné collected Grace from school today she says, "School so short today." I guess time flies when you're having fun. Maybe it just goes quickly when you get to eat a chocolate muffin for Willow's birthday.

They went to Caleb's birthday party and Grace had so much fun playing with the other children. She played musical statues, carried her egg really well in the egg race and had fun in the sack race. There were ice-cream cones and Grace, only knowing eating ice-cream from a cup at the aquarium says, "Want a spoon." So there she sits eating her ice-cream cone with a spoon.

When it was time to go Grace was sitting in a chair next to Caleb's swing and pushing it. Donné said to her, "Come Grace it's time to go." Grace replies, "Just want to push Pluto one more time."

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