Gemma’s pyjama party, and alone time with our children

Grace and Donné went to Gemma’s pyjama party, while Eli and I stayed at home together. It was interesting when it came to bath time, things just seemed to flow smoothly which got me thinking about alone time with our kids. One-on-one is definitely easier, it just seems to flow better, and provides an opportunity to focus in on one child’s needs and dynamic. When we’re alone, Grace can ask all her questions and get answers. Eli can play or help without Grace talking over him or interfering. The dynamic is just entirely different (which is not at all surprising), but I think what made it *pop* was doing something (bathing) which is always a group activity. It made me think of when it was just us and Grace.

And that got me thinking that we need to create some space for each of us to spend alone time with each of our children – just time dedicated to them and their needs and interests. It does happen, but I think we could be a bit more intentional about it.

It also got me thinking about three children…..and the complexities of that dynamic. It will be a fun ride figuring it all out.

Watching a movie and enjoying some time with friends



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