Fickle vs Fixated

People often say children can be easily distracted and move onto new things quickly.  Well it might be true for some children but in the case of Grace I can honestly say that it does not hold true.  I took Grace to the library on Monday to return her books and take out new ones, but as soon as we had handed in her books, she wanted them back.  I tried showing her new books that I thought she may be interested in, but each time she shook her head and signed to me that she was waiting for HER books.  She kept on going back to the counter where we had handed them in and signing to the lady behind the counter that she was waiting. Eventually out of compromise we got one of HER books back and that seemed to satisfy her, well, until we got home that is… 

At home, Duncan and Grace where looking through one of the new books "The Smartest Giant in Town" by Julia Donaldson and on the back cover she spotted a familiar looking rabbit from a book "Rabbit's Nap" which we had previously taken out. She immediately went to her bookshelf and signing rabbit and nap indicated that she would like to read that story, which proved to be difficult since it had been back at the library for about a month…Each time she looks at "The Smartest Giant in Town" she signs rabbit and nap…I guess the next time we go to the library we will be taking out Rabbit's Nap 🙂

book cover of Rabbit's Nap (Tales from Acorn Wood) by Julia Donaldson

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