Evil Knievel and the wall fall

Adam is branching out, learning new skills and finding new ways to give his parents near heart attacks. 

He is having lots of fun on the pink scooter riding around the pool with his siblings, and has now discovered downhill racing… 

A bit more concerning than that is that he keeps going for walks on the wall that runs along the garden path above the pool. It is all good and well for developing balancing skills, but results in parents rushing to make sure they are near while he is casually strolling along the wall. And when you fall, well, that is definitely not good. I was on my way to him after he climbed onto the wall again, but Adam got distracted by Eli singing a song and misstepped, falling to the ground below and sending his mom into a panic. Fortunately he landed really well, rolled into it, and managed to come off with no scrapes or bruises that we can see. Not too sure how we’re going to prevent him from going up there though…. 

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