Dust bath

Grace was wearing different clothes when Donné fetched her from school today, which was surprising seen as there were school photos and they had specifically asked everyone to wear blue/red/white or a combination of those. Grace’s teacher said that after the class photo she turned around and Grace was sitting on the ground and, “there were just plumes of dust,” as she rubbed her legs on the ground and threw sand up in the air around her.

She was wearing white pants


Donné was..um…to put it mildly…unimpressed, and one of the consequences was that she had to wash her own clothes. So she was given a bar of soap and bucket of water and sent down to the river to beat her clothes with a rock.

Washing clothes (not really down at the river)


This was hard work for Grace, because Donné supervised to make sure that she was putting enough shoulder grease into it and she expected Grace to do a decent job of it.

At the end of the day Grace says to me, “I’m going to have a dust bath at school tomorrow, so I can get gooder (sic).” I’m a bit confused, so I ask her, “Grace, what do you want to get better at?” She replies, “I need to get better at washing my clothes.” Oh, no…backfire!

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