Duck, duck, goose

Grace’s class played “Duck, duck, goose” at school earlier this week, and so she has been wanting to play the game at home too. “Duck, duck, goose” is pretty much the same as “I wrote a letter to my love…”

Everyone sits in a circle and the “goose” goes around the circle saying, “Duck, duck, duck,” and touching each person on the head until they decide that someone is the goose. When they touch a head and say, “Goose!” the person needs to stand up and try to catch the goose. The goose has to run around the circle and sit down in the open spot without being caught. If the goose is caught they are out. The new goose then goes around the circle saying, “Duck, duck….”

I wish we had a video, but words will have to do, so work with me to picture the scene. The four of us are sitting on the floor of our lounge, and Grace is the first goose. Round she goes, “Duck, duck, goose!” she says touching mommy. Up mom jumps and Eli jumps up too, and off they go around the circle chasing Grace. Grace makes it back to the seat and Eli plonks himself down with her. Next up Eli is chosen….and nothing happens. “Get up and chase mom, boy,” and up he gets to chase. “Aaaaaahhhhh!” he calls as he goes around chasing mom. Mom sits down, and Eli keeps going around the circle. “Stop Eli!” Okay, now let’s see how he does.

Eli walks around and gives everyone a good whack on the head saying, “Duck, duck, duck,” as he goes along. Eventually he chooses a goose and off he goes running (after a reminder). He gets to the open spot, and just keeps running. Round he goes for a second time and, “Sit down Eli!” and he’s down and chuffed with himself. And so we went on, running around and around, not quite sticking to the rules and just having fun.

I think Donné and I were thinking that the game would be a bit tricky with a small group, but we were wrong and it was a lot of fun with lots of laughing. Fortunately our heads made it through the bashing from Eli.

Having some fun together on the wooden toys at Vergelegen (this photo is from our last visit)


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