Diving in

Grace’s swimming is now strong enough that I can go swimming with Eli and her, and not really have to worry about her at all. She swims around, dives down, jumps in and just has lots of fun while Eli and I practice rolling, floating and kicking. Grace is diving in really well, and can dive in from the side and fetch a toy from the bottom of the pool and then swim to the step quite comfortably. Eli also has a little dive into the pool, he stands at the edge ready to jump in and then instead of stepping/jumping in, he puts his head down and does a little head first tumble into the pool. It is exactly the right motion that they need to do and practice in swimming classes, but it was a surprise the first time he did it (which was fortunately in class).

Here is Grace diving in

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    Lisa W March 31, 2014

    Awesome Job Grace!!

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