Confident and assertive

We went to Jack's birthday party this morning and the part of it that I loved the most (other than the cake) was an opportunity we had to watch Grace playing. Donné was feeding Eli and I was in the room with her. The room we were in has a window looking into the back yard which gave us a great view of everyone that was playing outside.

Jack, Caleb, and Grace were playing soccer with Doug (Jack's grandpa). Doug was the goalie and the three of them were trying to kick balls past him. Jack and Caleb were quite focussed on the goal, while Grace was kicking, running around, throwing the ball and jut generally having loads of fun. She was totally engaged and loving the playing.

It is just wonderful to see her having so much fun with other adults and children – engaging and enjoying herself without any need for us. She actually did her own thing for most of the party, playing music, playing in the garden and playing with Jack's new train set.

We've said it before, but it is such a joy to us to see her growing in confidence and assertiveness. The assertiveness is a bit of a double edged sword because now we also need to deal with her grabbing things from other children and pushing them away from what she is busy with….but learning how to deal with other children appropriately is just a part of growing up and one which we're happy to teach her.

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