Out cold

Eli normally wakes up around 06h00, and then has his morning sleep starting sometime between 08h30 and 09h00. Today was Grace’s school’s gradation ceremony and end year function, which started at 09h00, leaving a bit of a sleep predicament. And we both had to be there to see Grace’s ballet “recital” (more to come on that point).

Eli, being the soldier that he is, missioned through the morning without any hassles at all. There were people, animals and a swing, so he was good to keep going. Eventually it was time for us to go, partly because he was falling asleep on the swing.

It always feels like a bit of an event when one of our children falls asleep in the car, and fall asleep he did. He was out cold by the time we got home and even endured a nappy change without any sleep disturbance.

Stone cold on the changing mat


I didn’t quite make it home


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