Chop, chop

Donné went for another scan with Keren and I was left at home looking after Grace this morning. I went to the office, just chop-chop, to fetch the phone and check if an email I was expecting had arrived. Out of the house, maximum 5 minutes, most likely less. What do I come back inside to?


What's that lying on the floor?


Grace decided to remodel her hair style…. I guess that is what happens when you have a three year old who can use scissors, has recently watched her mommy having her hair cut at the hairdresser and is left alone cutting paper.

Jack and Kim were visiting today, and before the clan went off for a cup of coffee it was potty time. Grace sits on the toilet, "I'm a girl, I sit. Jack's a boy, he wee in garden." Jack obliged.

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    Anonymous June 5, 2012

    Oh NooO!!! =/
    Jodi is not going to be allowed to use scissors til she’s 6! =) Hahahaha!

    A friend of mine’s little girl also hacked at her beautiful hair with scissors and her mom said “Oh Zara, now I’m going to have to cut your hair in a bob” to which Zara fearfully replied, “Please don’t cut my hair like uncle Bob!” How funny is that!!!

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