Can I play for two minutes?

Eli spent some time with Sue Ann today while Donné, Grace and I went to a meeting this afternoon. We weren’t sure how he was going to be when we left him, but we dropped him off and he smiled and waved goodbye – a very different child to Grace.

After our meeting we are on our way to collect Eli, and Grace is angling for some play time at Hannah’s house, “Can I play for two minutes when we fetch Eli?” Then she says, “Are you going to talk a bit?” as in, “are you going to spend some more time there so that I can play for a bit longer?”

So we say to her, “Grace, you can play a bit, but when we say it is time to go, then it is time to go.” She says, “Okay, but then I’m going to do this.” She drops her head, slumps her shoulders and leans forward a bit, giving her sad walk pose. Yip, that is pretty much what we expect to see when it is time to leave. When time did come to leave she was really good about it though and didn’t even slump her shoulders.

Eli had a good time with Sue Ann, eating her food and attacking her fruits. Well done my boy.

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