Big girl bed!

Grace got a real bed today! The mattress and base arrived and she is now sleeping in her big bed…really big when compared to her. She has been so super excited since the bed arrived and was absolutely loving lying on it, rolling around, and just enjoying her birdie duvet.

I was a bit worried about whether it would be difficult to get her to sleep tonight, but she did really well. She took a bit longer than usual to go to sleep, but I’m really proud that she managed to figure it out on her own.

We never realised that Bella was withholding information, but Grace had some questions and she was refusing to answer. By the smile on her face my guess is that she has been trained to resist torture. Or alternatively, she got a bit wet due to an accident that Grace had and needed a bath – the plastic bag is to keep her hair dry.

Grace enjoying some time in her new bed – it even got a thumbs up

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