Allsorts of 2012

We arrived safely home today after a quiet, relaxed and uneventful journey home. With both the children and adults tired out after a trip starting at 01h00 there is one final story before we sign off for the year…

Yesterday Donné had just given Grace some liquorice allsorts and a few seconds later she started moaning about something (can't recall what). Donné said to her, "If you don't stop moaning I'm going to take those away from you." Grace only took a microsecond to evaluate her options and shoved the entire handful into her mouth before there was any chance of them being taken…at which point we fell apart laughing.

May your year ahead be filled with allsorts of fun, surprises, beauty and laughter.

Have a blessed and safe New Year's Eve, so long 2012 and thanks for all the fish.

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