A walk to the dam

Gathering before the walk, with everyone having their butterfly net and accessories.


There was some bread, a magnifying glass and a bottle of bubbles in each bag, and later they also got a bug catching jar. Grace took out the magnifying glass peered through it and said, "This is a magnifying glass. See tiny things better!"


One of the big hits was Cole's off-road wheelchair, which also has a remote control so that his dad can move it around if necessary. This meant great fun as the children took turns going for rides.


And then the great merry go round experience.


Followed by the ducks getting LOADS of food


Grace had a lot of fun and it was good to meet some more of the parents.

This afternoon Donné was looking at photos of Kaiya with Grace and she says, "Who's that Grace?" Grace puts her hand to her chin and says, "Let me think…"

Tonight when I was leaving Grace's room I said (as I say every night), "Good night Grace, see you in the morning," and Grace says, "See you real soon!" Maybe a bit too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…

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