5 and loving Lego (as well as everything else)

Our little girl, who was only just a tiny baby a short while ago, is five today.

Grace was up and opening presents at 05h50 today, and then started building her Lego Cinderalla princess carriage (which she got from the USA Drennan’s). She started building around 06h30 and sat, focussed, building until she finished at about 09h00 (with about a 10 minute break for breakfast). She pretty much built it on her own, just asking for help in a few places (and normally figuring it out on her own), and needing some help to find pieces. I was quite amazed and how she sat down and worked through the instructions for such a long spell.


Eli really like her Princess Ariel doll’s singing


Family photos



Donné was dancing around like a crazy person behind me to get them to smile nicely


Aunty Keren got her the game Zingo


Eli also likes the doll’s swing which is part of the set of furniture that Gogo and Gramps got her


Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful gifts. From pyjamas to potion kits she has been loving everything that she received.

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