Monthly Archives: October 2017

Goggles & Lego

Eli has decided that everything looks better in green now that he has his new goggles.


Some brother Lego building fun


I’m innocent

Doesn’t this face just say, “I’m innocent”? You would never guess what he had done just by looking at it.


Talking to Gogo

Mr Cool on the phone with Gogo

Addy climbs

Adam likes to climb, so with the steps into the tree it’s up he goes (with a little assistance)


Sunday, after the camp, was chill time before the week began, including a walk down the to the park.

Ready for a Sunday afternoon walk

Dandelion destruction

Elementary camp

Friday was the Elementary camp where we get to be hosted by the children. All we need to do is pitch the tent, relax, be fed, enjoy the fun and entertainment and have a good time with friends.

Camping on the school grounds

Braai time

Stoking the fire with a mattress pump

Food prep underway

The lower elementary served a feast for supper – boerewors, coleslaw, potato salad, green salad, fried onions and homemade chutney.

Skipping games


Campfires and marshmallows after karaoke

Our cozy bed with extra duvets – perfect for a good night’s rest

Kisses, awww

When Adam does something cute – like give Grace a kiss – Grace finds it very cute and often says, “Awww.” Adam has noticed, so a kiss is no longer just a kiss….