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Ball throwing

Jungle bashing

Wood stacking

Sunday things

Addy fit perfectly into a trunk at Vergelegen

When I came downstairs this morning Grace had made some muesli for herself and was busy sharing it with Adam.

New Words, New Experience

Adam is learning new words daily and loves to try and copy everything you say, to the delight of us all, but especially to his siblings and their friends. 

I must be honest I think it is the cutest, most warm fuzzy thing, listening to him stringing 2 sometimes 3 words together, copying and learning new words. 

It’s a new experience for me because Grace and Eli didn’t do that as a result of their speech difficulties, so it’s absolutely delightful and at the same time fascinating. 

Adam is really enjoying reading “What the Ladybird Heard” by Julia Donaldson and loves pointing out the various animals.  My favourite part of the video was when I asked him what the dog was and he answered dainty dog (this is how the dog is described in the book) 


I got back at the end of the day and Donné had a long list of ways that Adam had been causing havoc all day. She then said that he is very quite and I better check what he is up to, because he is sure to be causing more problems. Up I go to find him, and this is what I found….

The little guy, sitting sweetly, having tucked himself into Eli’s bed, reading some books. Havoc? What havoc?

The book catalogue

Grace is writing a list of all the books she has read this year. The count is currently at 85 with more books from this year’s reading still to add.


Bunnies and Lego

We have some free ranging bunnies in our street that all the children love (but I think Adam most of all) and Eli was very chuffed that today his carrot was the chosen one.

We spent some time checking and sorting Lego today. Donné and Grace were ticking off blocks on the last page of the manuals while Eli and I were building to separate what belonged where.

Turquoise pancakes and chilling

Today was a super chilled day. I said this morning I was taking the day off, and pretty much did (as much as a parent can do, that is). A slow morning, reading a book while Eli played with his Lego and Grace made pancakes, saying yes whenever I could, and an afternoon walk to the park. We did have to pay some parenting debt at the end of the day (i.e. tidy up the crazy in the house), but that is just part of checking out and relaxing for a while.

Turquoise pancakes…

Wiggling his way to the fireman’s pole

Fireman’s pole fun