Monthly Archives: January 2017

Caden’s birthday party

We joined Jean & Clinton to celebrate Caden’s birthday, and there was one huge hit with the 4 year olds – the little cars…


Eli spent most of the party in that little car, with brief breaks to get cake and other sustenance.

Addy also though they were good fun


Lego cake!


Some fun with Angela before she zoots off to Ireland at the end of the term



Time for a read

This is Adam doing an impression of his sister reading a book

First day!

First day of school for the new year today!


Eli is now in a new class due to some changes that happened at the end of last year. Newberry has built a new preprimary classroom (for the new class that Eli is in) and it is an amazing space, with a wonderful new directress who has years and years of experience. I’m quite excited for him, and he is super happy, and especially excited about the bunny who will be joining the class soon.

Grace continues to her second year of lower elementary – same class, but also into a brand new classroom. It is another wonderful space. Every new space that has been built is open, and has a wonderful feel about it. I’m excited to see her developing in all new ways this year.

It was a great start to the year with a wonderful turn out of parents at the orientation day, and loads and loads of good energy. The staff have worked incredibly hard to get everything ready, and the effort shows through the magnificent work they have done.

Morning time 

Morning time is this (mostly) peaceful potter around  the house. Grace reads or occupies herself in the playroom. Adam finds some toys to investigate, then moves on to emptying cupboards and perilously climbing things to find more treasures. Eli tends to be the one who sleeps in a bit, but once he is up he finds something to do and then makes quite a bit if noise while doing it. And then everyone suddenly gets hungry…

All hail the great Addy! 

Worship me! 

In another time, and another place, Ser Eli of the Underpants gets ready to save the realm

We did it! 

It had only taken two and a half years of living in Somerset West, but we finally made it to our home town’s beach! 

Girl, boy…boy, girl? 

A picture says it all….or does it? 

This all started with Grace wearing Eli’s top this morning and not wanting to take it off. Not really sure how it got to this point, but I’m sure Grace played a role in it…