Monthly Archives: November 2016

13 months

Adam is 13 months old today! 13 months seems to have brought a new swagger and waddle to his walk as he confidently traverses the entire length of a room now – still a bit wobbly, but getting more and more distance without having to stop for a break. The desire to climb his siblings chairs, open the window and try to climb out of it is slightly disturbing though.


Up the slide and through the night

Adam took his climbing and sleeping to a new level – he can now climb up the slide and last night he slept through all the way until 05h00! Sleep is always erratic, but let’s hope that this holds at least for a while so that DonnĂ© can start to feel more like a normal person again.

The bath buddies

These three really are good bath buddies – Addy in the middle observing, with the other two being examples of the level of crazy required to be a part of our family. 

The Talent Show

This year the school held a talent show for the end of year concert – a variety show with the children choosing what they would like to do – and as always, it was loads of fun, and there were smiles and happy children all around.

Grace recited a poem by Roald Dahl, and sung and danced in her group acts, and Eli danced in his class act. Herewith, the short, personal, version of the show…

Level up: biking riding

Adam is always up for learning something new, so first he figured out how to ride on the little ambulance, then decided straight afterwards that the pink scooter looked like a good challenge too. When he started with the ambulance, he jammed his feet into the ground every time someone tried to push him a little, but then he loosened up…

Don’t turn your back

It just takes a short moment of distraction to create a happy baby in a puddle of flour



When you’re all left inside while dad empties out the compost bin, and everyone wants to be outside, then it is time for a bit of group comforting.