Monthly Archives: October 2016

Adam, the one year old

A year ago, at 22h21 Adam entered our lives. This little guy, all full of smiles and happiness is a beautiful addition to our family. He is loved, he loves, and he always has a smile to brighten up someone’s day. Adam, you are a blessing my boy.


The first thing he did when he got his present was bash it a bit – everything is a drum and needs a bit of bashing. Boom-boom really is a good nickname for him.


Grace made sure he knew all the details of his new toy plane


Daddy’s little guy


Addy is one today!


Babyccinos at Vredenhof…..Adam likes to put his hand into other people’s drinks, but Eli and Grace have become deft at avoiding him


Play time in the awesome play area at Vredenhof


One day

It’s suddenly here, and I feel like it has snuck up on me – tomorrow Adam turns one.

In preparation Adam decide to sample one of mommies birthday cookies

The boy with tortilla on his face

No matter what they say, playing with your food can be fun


Monster PJs

The little guy, practising standing and showing off his new PJs


Adam’s loop

Adam has a little loop that he likes to do on the jungle gym


Adam is working hard at standing up

Eli’s sleep over

With Grace and the rest of the family at her camp, Eli had the opportunity to spend the night with Oli and Finn. There was super excitement before the sleep over, as much excitement as Grace had for the camp, and everything went very well.

Pizza for supper


Finn & Eli riding their train together


Bath time!


Story time


Pancakes for breakfast


And 3 tired out boys the next day….this is how Finn handled it


Eli did really well. They were all sleeping by 20h00, which is pretty decent given that there were three excited boys in a room together. Eli did wake up a few times (he has been waking up dreaming quite a bit lately), but Heather sorted him out, and all was good.

Thank you Heather and Pete for having our boy over and looking after him so well so that we could all enjoy the camp with Grace! And thanks Heather for the photos đŸ™‚