Monthly Archives: September 2016

11 months of Adam 

Adam was 11 months yesterday, just one more month and he has survived his first year of life

Licking the bowl

I guess I will just have to get in queue….


Adam versus the dog

Ukumi waited and waited for Adam to throw the ball, but alas, the baby was busy with the ball and out waited the dog.


Our couches have now moved upstairs due to the addition of some overflow couches from my parents, so Grace & Eli tested out their new playroom couch. I can see many a book being consumed on this couch.


Eli turns 4

Today was Eli’s birthday!

The day started early with birthday present opening. He took much joy in telling everyone exactly what he got today: a train track, a toolbox, a saw, and a book (What the ladybird heard next), as well as the woodworking station we made over the weekend.


With saw in hand, off he went to do some sawing at his woodwork bench

We had his birthday circle at school


Walking around the sun, once for each year of his life


Gingerbread men for his birthday circle


He wanted to go for a hike in the nature reserve, so we spent the afternoon having a lovely walk together.



For supper we had his favourite meal, wraps with chilli, and then finished it off with some ice cream.

A great day celebrating the life of our amazing Eli.

Gardens & dishwashers

Addy was making use of the good weather to do some digging in the garden


I’ve embarked on a bit of a dishwasher challenge. The dishwasher has been tripping the power, so I decided to see how many pieces I could turn it into before trying to turn it back into a dishwasher.


Splashy time

Some cooling off and splashing on a play date that was ostensibly about preparing for entrepreneurs day


Creating Eli’s workbench

We decided to make a woodwork bench for Eli for his birthday, and I fortunately had an amazing opportunity to join a DIY workship this morning to make it all happen. Brent, a friend of ours, recently started his own woodworking business and is planning to offer DIY workshops in the near future. To prepare for that he offered a session to friends to get some feedback on the whole thing, so this was a perfect opportunity to go and make use of all the toys and learn from someone with lots of experience.

It was a great morning, I learned lots, had fun doing it, and managed to complete the workbench in record time. Thanks so much Brent!

Eli with the end result


Work in progress


Marguerite and her painter’s shelves



By the end of the morning