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James the Little Prince

We joined James for his Little Prince birthday party today. I loved the wonderful cake, and all the careful detail in the decorations and gift bags for the children.


Making a happy birthday video for Gemma, who is shares a birthday with James and is away at the moment.


I’m only 8!

Grace, Janpaul and Andrew are busy organising a “going out” in school. A “going out” is a small group excursion to answer a particular question, for example, going to the aquarium to learn more about starfish, or interviewing an expect to learn more about what they do.

A large part of the going out learning process is the planning of the excursion. There is a list of things that they need to organise, including a chaperone, directions, any costs that may be involved, food, etc. – everything needs to be carefully planned and documented before they go, and they need to action it on their own.

They are planning to go to Vergelegen which is a wine farm just next to Lourensford where the school is. They have wonderful grounds, with old trees and rich historical grounds. According to Grace, they are, “going to find out about old things and old trees.” Grace has a question about how the very old yellowwood’s canopy has grown together with the other trees.

So today they phoned Vergelegen to find out about costs. Janpaul (who is very well spoken and extremely polite) made the call and got the information about entry costs and the cost of the tour of the grounds. Grace tells us about this and adds, “And we nearly booked breakfast! Janpaul was booking breakfast but we told him not to.”

Apparently at some point the conversation went something like this (I imagine from how I’ve been told):

Vergelegen: “Would you like to have breakfast here?”

Janpaul: “Oh, that would be lovely.”

Vergelegen: “What is your phone number? And would you like to have a wine tasting too?”

Janpaul: “I’m only 8! I can’t drink wine and I don’t have a phone number!”

At some point Grace and Andrew realised he was booking breakfast unknowingly and realised that was probably out of their budget, so cancelled that booking.

I just love it, and would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see both sides of that conversation.

All in corner putting up a heater for Adam – how many of us can squish in there?



The super hero mantle has passed from one brother to another


Stairs and cats

Adam has been working on climbing stairs, and has also started to make a particular “c” sound for the cats.


The faster he goes, the happier he gets….

Birthday hugs

We celebrated Donné’s birthday today, enjoying a calm day and time with good friends.

Big birthday hugs for the birthday girl


Birthday cake was an experimental meringue layer cake, with chocolate cake between layers of meringue, with plenty of cream


The Red Riding Hood

We finally took our children to a show! There is always something on at the Playhouse Theatre in Somerset West, and we went and enjoyed The Red Riding Hood. The show was good fun and perfect for them (and just the right length).

Waiting before the show


The cast


Grace wanted a photo with Red