Monthly Archives: April 2016

All in the back

So we all do fit into a smaller car. Three in the back seems to work quite well in the Corolla (the Mazda is in for repairs)


6 months today

Adam officially survived six months of crazy parents and crazy siblings


That 6 month card got a good nosh – teeth bothering anyone?


He is such a sweet little guy – love him to bits.

The taste of rain

I was chatting to Lucy (one of Eli’s teachers) when I collecting him this afternoon, and he drifted down the stairs outside the classroom. I look over the balcony to see this…


One of the gutters had a stream of water running down from it, and Eli (very fortunately in his full rain gear) is standing directly underneath this solid stream.

He had said to me when I arrived, “Rain tastes good!” so he went on for some extra rain experience…

IMG_20160421_204238 (1).jpg

Yum, yum, let’s get a lick of that delicious rain water!

Thanks Lucy for the photos!

New bed

Adam is now in his own bedroom, on a mattress on the floor (Montessori room style). He just needs a little bit of a kraal around him to make sure he doesn’t exit the bed while wriggling around in the middle of the night. Once he gets going we’ll need to work on the rest of the room so that he can discover and explore on his own.


Strike a pose

It turns out we shouldn’t be asking Grace to smile for photos, next time I’ll just try, “Strike a pose Gracie!”IMG_20160419_082152.jpg

In other exciting news Adam is sleeping in his own room for the first time tonight. We’ve set up a a full size bed mattress on the floor Montessori style, so he’ll have quite a bit of freedom when he starts to move around.

Lamb chops

Oh lamb chop, how do I love you, let me ponder the ways


The Lady & the Cowboy

We joined Angela to celebrate her birthday today, and there were lots of dress-up clothes…

The Lady of the house


Stick ’em up and hand over the cake.