Monthly Archives: February 2016

Mixing it up

Grace, Eli and Finn were playing some game which seemed involve Eli and Grace being robbers. They come out of the room with Eli shouting, “Mom, I a rubber! And Grace is a dancing rubber,” (she was in her ballet clothes). He runs up to DonnĂ© and starts to pretend to rub her, “I a rubber, I rub you out!”

We were in the shop looking for some lamb and Grace (reading through all the labels on the shelf) asks, “Dad, what are lion chops?”

And this little guy is 4 months old today


Roll over!

Adam rolled for the first time today! And then kept practising…

Mirror talk

Adam has discovered himself in the mirror and loves to have long chats to his new found twin brother.

Santa siblings

Aunty Annie made the littlies Christmas pyjamas, which they all had on today.




Off on my own

Eli has been getting a lift home on a Thursday with a friend for the last few weeks, and today he got to go on his own little adventure, home with Oliver and Finn for a play date – his first time off on his own without mom or dad.

And he had lots of fun.

Lunch time…


…and play time (some monster game under the table).


Thank you Heather for being a mom to three this afternoon!

Reading to my brothers

There are benefits to having a big sister who can read…



3 hours

One of the many wonderful things about the Montessori method is the uninterrupted 3 hour work cycle. In this time the children are actively engaged with their work, ideally with minimal input from any adults. They have freedom to move around and choose the work tasks that they are interested in (within certain boundaries), and due to the work cycle there is the opportunity to engage deeply with them if they want to.

Like today. Grace arrived at school, did her journal check, and then started with the addition box. 3 hours later, the addition box was done…entirely. She had worked through all the material in the addition box. Tomorrow? Subtraction…or maybe art…or science, geography, hand weaving…or all of them. Grace gets to decide and to follow her interests. And just in case you’re worried about a narrow band of interests, the entire environment is set up to stimulate a wide variety of interests, and the teachers are there to guide them as they explore everything that there is to explore.