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Three cuddle munchkins

Poor Eli keeps forgetting Adam’s name, so when someone asks him what his little brother’s name is, he gets this very sad look on his face. He does seem to be getting it now though. Grace on the other hand likes to refer to Adam as it – “Does it need to drink?” “Is it crying,” etc. We’re working with her, but progress is slow.

Grace and Eli getting in some Adam cuddles



Meet the siblings

On Friday morning Grace woke up and came through to the room to be greeted with a new baby brother sleeping between us. “Did the baby come last night? Oh, he’s so cute, he’s such a cutie.”

Eli looks at him and says, “Baby so tute,” (because he can’t say a “c” yet).


There were (and still are) lots of hugs and kisses for little Adam from his big brother and sister.


Catching Adam Drennan

Adam Drennan was born at 22h21 on 22 October 2015. 4.02kg and 52cm long, with a head circumference of 36cm.


The birth went wonderfully well and both Adam and Donné are healthy and well.

It all started while I was out at a parent-teacher meeting and the messages started to get more frequent….and then the phone call.


I got home and it seemed clear that Donné was in labour, with her contractions coming every 2 minutes, but not being too intense. We had decided on a home birth with a midwife, Natasha Stadler, so there was no need to get to hospital. We took a few laps around the pool chatting, with one half of the lap being a contraction, and the other half being in between.

Things seemed to be progressing, and from the past we expecting it all to go quite quickly, so we got hold of Natasha to let her know things were on the go and so that she could get ready. Donné had a bath and things started to move a bit more. In each birth there has been a point where Donné suddenly gets to a point of, “we have to get moving now,” and that’s when I know it’s time to get to the hospital, or in this case get the midwife to come.


Natasha and her assistant Sandrine (an apprentice mid-wife from Germany) arrived at about 21h30 and quickly got set up for the delivery.

At this point the labour was getting quite intense, with strong contractions and lots of deep breathing to get through things. From here on it moved pretty quickly. The one thing which was very funny was when Donné said to Natasha, “Last time they broke my waters and it was such a relief,” to which Natasha answered, “Do you want me to break your waters? You can break them.” On the next push Donné’s waters burst with dramatic effect and a midwife in the line of fire.


We had discussed this before and I had asked if I could catch the baby if everything was going well, and everything was going well. Donné pushed and did so well, and I got to catch Adam and be the first person to hold our little man, which was and is a wonderful privilege for me.

He is perfect, beautifully formed and wonderfully healthy.

A quick clean off with mom after birth – this is the first photo of him


Getting the good stuff


Post bath cuddles


The peaceful aftermath


Being born – it’s tiring work for mommy and baby



Jump higher mommy!

I was pushing Eli on the swing and Donné decided to climb onto the trampoline to bob gently up and down. Eli looks at her and says, “Jump high mommy.” Donné tells him that she can’t jump because of the baby in her tummy and he says, “Show you mommy,” and asks to stop swinging. Off he goes, does a few big jumps and says, “See mommy, jump high!”

He goes back to the swing and Donné goes back to bobbing up and down and I say to him, “Mommy can’t jump high, else the baby is going to bounce around like a ball inside her tummy.” This he thought was hilarious and he had a good chuckle at the thought of his brother bouncing around inside. Funny little man.

Blue boys & pancakes

Enjoying a pancake at the Lourensford market


Happy swimmers

Last year swimming classes where a disaster for a number of reasons: moving, things not working well with instructors, and changing swimming schools for a second time. Grace didn’t even swim for the whole season, and Eli never settled after the swimming instructor change.

This year it is wonderful to see both Grace and Eli excited and enjoying their swimming classes. Eli has been going to class for two weeks now and is having so much fun and working hard. Today he spent every moment that he wasn’t busy with the instructor jumping off the step and swimming back to the step.

Grace had her first lesson today, and even though she was a bit off colour with a sore tummy, went for it full on in the class. I’m looking forward to seeing her grow in confidence and strength in the water, and so happy to see her excited and happy for classes.

They are swimming with Debbie and Sacha at Kidswim in Somerset West. We’re really happy with the swimming school and glad to see our children both enjoying it thoroughly.

Nap attack!

First it was Eli in the car on the way back from the shop, and then today it was Grace on the couch while being periodically harassed by her brother. It seems that the 1st week of school, extra-mural activities and some side effects of vaccinations have just taken it out of our children.

Eli passed out yesterday in the driveway (I think) while the garage door was opening after a brief trip to the shops


Grace somehow managed to fall asleep today while I was talking on the phone to my folks and Eli was coming to hug/touch/harass her every few minutes