Monthly Archives: August 2015


Eli’s magic show

Happy play day

Today was a happy play day for our children. They started early this morning while we were still in bed, with lots of laughing and happiness both in the playroom and outside on the trampoline. While we were out at the market this morning, they both enjoyed the playground in different ways. After lunch I was busy fixing the cot and Grace went up to the playroom while Eli came to join me. Grace then played up there for about 2 hours while Eli pottered around with me outside, helping me a bit, playing in the mud, building stone towers and being my happy little companion. There was just lots and lots of happy, peaceful play going on.

Climbing a tree at the Root 44 market


Summer sosaties

You know that summer is here (well, just around the corner, or having a sneak peak) when it’s time for sosaties and salad. It was a beautiful spring day, with a bike ride a the mountain bike track and yummy summer supper.

Painting has been a big activity in out house at the moment, with the playroom walls littered with handprints that Eli and Grace have been making together.


The Matt game

Matt runs the sports programme at Newberry Montessori, and today Eli puts on a peak cap and says, “I Matt. Play Matt game.” A bit later Grace gets involved, and having just done sport this afternoon she comes with some rules and a more formal game.

Let’s get those rules explained




Run around the pool and collect a ball


Run back as fast as you can


Gather your balls in your hula hoop (and go collect more)


Count the balls to see who got the most


30 weeks

10…9…8…not long to go now!


The joy of mud

Grace and Eli have been excavating for a while, and the excavation has now turned into a dam. Today was a lovely early spring day, so they decided to make the most of it…

Muddy hands


Muddy feet


Muddy washing it all off


Summer hats, summer shoes

Eli was super excited to delve into the box of clothes that a friend gave to us, “Mommy got me a costume! Mommy got me new shoes! Look pyjamas!” Thanks Am, both for the clothes and the entertainment and joy it brought Eli. He did proceed to wear slops the rest of the day, even through it was quite chilly.