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For some reason I have been craving cake this past week (must be genetic), so I decided to bake one in the evening. Donné said to halve the recipe, so I carefully made sure that all the quantities were right. Good stuff, into the oven that goes. Donné tastes the left over mixture and says there is something wrong with it, and it definitely had a bit of a bitter taste to it.

They came out a bit flatter than expected, and I over cooked them slightly, but that’s okay because it’s going to taste good. I taste the cake….and something is not right. Donné says she thinks I messed up the quantities, and they should have risen more. Hmmm, pretty sure I got the quantities right. Donné tastes the cake again and says, “There is something wrong with the oil in this cake – it tastes like popcorn. What oil did you use?” The only oil in the cupboard….so I go and take a closer look at the oil and what is that floating around at the bottom? Little bits of roasted potato. #cakefail, I used old oil. Wrong cupboard, wrong oil. Neither of us even knew we had old oil in the house.

It looks innocuous


Fortunately Donné kindly made me a cake the next day, which was very delicious.


Donné decided to buy Eli a little gift as a well done for being such a champ with school. Eli has been having some difficulty the last couple of days, with plenty of crying at drop off this morning, as well as a fair share through the day yesterday. He seems to be happy, but missing us. He is still doing well though, and I know he’ll settle down in a week or two. So Donné got him a little shaving set – a razor, shaving foam, lather brush, mirror and little comb – and all day he has been ready for his bath so that he can spend some time playing with the kit (and Grace was also super excited to try it out).

Lots of fun shaving in the bath


Grace was being Eli’s hairdresser and he was loving the pampering


The doll makeover

On Sunday afternoon Grace said to me, “Daddy, come spend some time with me,” and enlisted me to help dress her dolls and soft toys. Each of them had to have an outfit, which meant squashing and squeezing them into various beanies, onesies, and Barbie dresses. I asked Grace what they were getting dressed for and she said, “For school.”

Once they all had some form of attire she decided it was time for a photo. She then spent the rest of the afternoon on her own little mission setting up the photograph, and by rest of the afternoon I mean at least an hour (probably longer). She put them onto tables, moved them around over and over, brought other tables to the playroom, made sure that everyone could be seen by organising some height, and who knows what else. I just know that she disappeared into her own little world to arrange the photograph.

Of course when the photographer did finally arrive he complained about the light and helped her to turn it all around for better exposure.

Grace’s dolls, all ready for school


Eli’s dagwood

Don’t say cheese, eat cheese!


Eli is having a hungry moment. He’ll eat something (like the massive sandwich above), and then ask for more food a few minutes later and entirely consume that. Either his brain is working hard and growing as he adjusts to school, or he is having some sort of growth spurt (or building up reserves for one). He is just eating whatever he is given at the moment. In the mornings he’ll eat some muesli, and egg and slice of bacon, then go to school and eat breakfast with his class (which is oats, or an egg, or…I’m not actually sure what else). He is one hungry boy.

A ballet jersey from Gogo

Grace modelling her new ballet jersey that Gogo knitted for her


Angela’s dancing cowgirl party

The cowgirls of the party


Dance party!

Riding the horse was like being the pied piper with a gaggle of girls in tow


Eli didn’t wan’t to ride the horse, but was quite happy to stroke it and be near it. Then later on, he suddenly decided that he would go and loved it.


Eli called the canon his, “choo-choo train”


Newberry House sports day

Newberry held a fun family sports day this morning, with everyone from the toddlers through to the high school, the staff, moms and dads taking part. Well done to Matt, Kaley and the rest of the team for an awesome and fun morning.

Eli and Andrew off on their own race….even though they are in the same team


Matt the sports coach


Andrew, ready for the bike race


Eli doing his leg of the race


Go red team


Grace ran really well and was having so much fun she ran three times in the first race. She was much faster than I expected


The middle school kids do it in their jeans


The cheering moms


Dean coming in to tag the next runner


Ready for the over-under race


The agony…


…and the suffering


The moms’ ball and spoon race. Note that the facial expression is mandatory


The dads had to keep a grip on their balls. We all had our own style, this is my flap the arms wildly jump…


…and Richard’s penguin


Waiting for the next race


The water-passing-fill-the-bucket-as-fast-as-you-can race